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philsip's Journal

28 January
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Right, I am Philip, hear me roar. I enjoy doing stuff. Stuff includes up to and including the following: Drawing stuff although only if it turns out nicely, otherwise it just annoys me. Reading is good, although there's not much more annoying than reading through a long book and then deciding that it was actually a really dumb book that wasn't worth reading. I enjoy making stuff and working with my hands. I have made leather vambraces, a cool brown hooded cloak, some steel spaulders (shoulder armour) and other junk. I enjoy spending time with people. Any kinds of people are good, really. There are days when you need someone intelligent to hang out with and then there are days when you don't really want to do anything that involves thinking at all. That's when you go play xbox with the guys from school. Good times both. Yeah, I'll admit it. I like computers/games too much. I waste a considerable amount of time fiddling around with computers. Like now, for instance. Umm... Where was I... I have enjoyed animating movies, usually utilizing lego, although I have been known to use plasticene as well. Ah, good times. I enjoy the sensation that you get when you're sitting in a parked car by the side of the highway and a huge semi drives by and shakes the vehicle. I enjoy being the first one to open a jar of jam. I am in my element when I am in a different country and spending time with kids. That's when I would say that I am at my very best. I really like libraries and really dislike being in bookstores. It's not that I don't like books. It's that I wouldn't want to buy a book that I haven't read yet. And if I've read a book, then I don't feel the need to buy it. I have spent many hours at bookstores trying to read enough of a book to decide whether it is worth buying or not. I usually go home empty-handed. I am slightly less patriotic of Norway than I have been in the past, although I still think it's a lot prettier than Saskatchewan. I enjoy walking in nature, although I often trick myself into thinking that I don't. I love my Lord and try to draw closer to him as I live my life out here under the sun. Oh, I guess I like singing too. I have been known to write a few songs and there are many more that I have written that are known to no one. I like knives, swords and bows and I own an assortment of each. My bow's name is 42, short for Fortitude. My bows name is Rickthross. My favorite dagger still needs to be named. Hmm... Slitfang? That will do for now. I may think of a better one later. I do like life, and I intend to continue living for a while.